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Mar 1, 2002 09:26 AM

International Buffet in Quincy- How is it?

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I'm in the mood to try a new Chinese buffet. I've heard that International Buffet in Quincy was good. Can anyone advise if it's worth trying out?

Please don't compare buffets to regular sit-down Chinese as I know the shortcomings of buffet vs sit-down, but how does it compare to other buffets?

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  1. It's not bad for a buffet. Actually, one the best chinese buffets that I've eaten at and I'm not a big fan of the buffet. Huge variety including items such as soy duck at the carving station, steamed soy fish, ginger lobster (that goes quick), sushi (not great sushi but, it's there and includes tuna, salmon, white fish and sometimes yellowtail), prime rib (and other american items), dim sum items (har gow, shoo mai, turnip cake, steam buns), salt and pepper shrimp w/ heads on, snow crab legs, mussels in black bean sauce, all the soups and I can go on and on. The items do change from time to time. One time they didn't have the lobster but, had rock crab in black bean sauce instead. For the kids, there's pleny of ice cream, pizza, french fries, pasta and meatballs. The cost for the dinner buffet is $15.99/per and lunch is $8.99. I've never been to the lunch. They may cut out duck, sushi (at least the fish), lobster and items in that caliber for lunch. If you live close by go check it out before you decide to pay the $15.99...regards

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      Thanks for the info,

      I'll try it tonight. I know the quality at buffets is less than that of regular restaurants but I feel like grazing tonight.

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        I went there a couple weeks ago with a Chinese friend.The clientel was probably half Asian, which is a good sign. The buffet itself is truly overwhelming with endless choices. Slade did a wonderful job describing the highlights. Although it is very reasonable and interesting, I didn't think the food was all that terrific. Everything seemed to taste the same.

        It's a great place to go if you feel like grazing, but it doesn't compare to the better restaurants in Chinatown.

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          I agree with your sentiments on this place, I went Friday night. I was impressed with the selection while a little underwhelmed on the quality. Also, they were kind of slow on replenishing some dishes; they had whole steamed fish which my wife really loved but she couldn't get a second piece as they never brought out. There were a few other dishes I couldn't get my hands on for the same reason.

          Overall though, the place was ok but not as good as Pacific Buffet in Natick.