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Best Doughnuts?

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Hey There Chowhounds--

Relatively new to area, and looking for wonderfully moist, cakey dougnuts that postively melt in your mouth.

I live in Newburyport, work in Boston, and will travel in between for some of these.

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    Twin Donuts, Union Square, Allston.

    1. This came up here about a month ago and I learned about Kane's in Saugus. Heavenly!

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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        How to I get to Kane's? From Route 1 going north out of Boston? I would stop on the way home today!!


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          Take the Essex St. exit, heading east through the rotary in Cliftondale Square onto Lincoln Ave (look carefully at a map if you are not sure); in another mile or two, Kane's will be on the right and you won't be able to miss the big donut with an arrow through it. I don't know how things are in the evening, or how late they are open, so you might call to check on that.

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              I hadn't been to Mike's in a while but boy, their plain donut was quite tasty the other day.

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                Mike's is quite good, but to my taste not nearly in the league of Kane's.

        2. The best donuts I have tried are at Donut Jim's in Gloucester, the true test is the plain donut which is divine and great coffee too

          1. Don't know if your taste buds and mine will agree, but I'm fond of the cake donuts from Heavenly Donuts; my partner also enjoys their raised ones.

            There are three locations, one at 55 S. Main St. (Rt. 125) in Bradford/Haverhill, one at 126 Merrimack St. in Methuen (just off I-495 exit 46), and a third in CT. The one in Bradford looks to be the older store, and the prices are a bit lower than in Methuen. The Methuen store could be on your way to Boston if you decided to take the 495/93 route for some reason.

            I like the fact that they give you a traditional Baker's dozen. Since all thirteen are a tight fit in the box, we often have to make a sacrifice for the sake of packing efficiency and eat one immediately.

            Please note that I cannot recommend eating the chocolate "creme"-filled ones without a large glass of milk handy (modulo lactose intolerance); those are just amazing sugar bombs. I'm probably about to take my own advice, since coincidentally I was in the Newburyport area today and somehow found myself in the Methuen store on the way home...


            1. Try the homemade doughnuts at Linda's on Belmont Street in Belmont. (on the right side, heading away from Cambridge...)

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                Heathen & Spells

                You must check out Betty Ann's food store out in East Boston (past airport). Check out our previous postings (in feb & oct ) for more complete rave & directions. It does not specialise in exactly the donuts you describe (more fried than cakey), but the jelly donut is to die for !!! totally unique and homemade seeming. The place has been there since the 30's, easy to miss (small & unassuming) and only open mornings ('till 10;30 ?) but entirely worth checking out !!! ALL CHOWHOUNDS MUST!!!! TRY IT!!!!!

                1. Verna's on Mass Avenue in North Cambridge has the best donuts on the planet!!
                  You'll see.