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Feb 27, 2002 03:55 PM

Jelly Belly Donuts?

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While listening to the Broons on WBZ last night thanks to the miracle of clear channel AM radio (I'm in Virginia), I heard a Dunkin Donuts ad touting their new Jelly Belly donuts in grape, marshmallow, and watermelon flavors.

Anyone tried these things yet? Will they be available nationwide? They sound so bizarre I must have some!

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  1. YES! I tried the watermelon donut. YUCK! I took only a couple of bites before I threw the rest away. The charm of the trompe l-oeil flavors in the jelly beans is lost in the donut version. Sticky sweet and junky.

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    1. re: Raj1

      Thanks to all for the prompt replies.

      Sounds like a waste of perfectly good Jelly Bellys (although the flavors they chose are far from JB's best). More's the pity.

      1. re: Bob W.

        Another taster here and it wasn't a pleasant experience. The only people I can ever see eating these nasty things are little kids. And, if I had children, I would make them steer clear too. You have to start those Chowhound habits early!!!

    2. Dunkin Donuts are terrible to begin with IMHO.

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      1. re: Alan H

        I tried the cotton candy jelly belly donut and it was really gross. They also have some with the frosting INSIDE the donut as well as out, I could not fathom eating this. However, I disagree about DD donuts being bad in general, their Boston cremes, when fresh, are really delicious. Also, here's a fun, scary (and true) fact: Within a 5 mile radius of Tufts Univ. (where I am at school) there are 90 Dunkin Donuts. Check it out on the DD Website, they have a location search....

        1. re: Alan H

          i'm not much of a fan of donuts, but i do have to say that dunkin donuts has great coffee

        2. Think about it. Garbage in, garbage out.

          1. They're disgusting

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            1. re: beagleboy

              I think the folks at Goelitz Candy may reget this tie-in.

            2. You want an interesting Donut??? A little place in Lowell, on School Street called "Eat a Donut" makes a marshmellow donut...not too sweet, just light and heavenly marshmellow in the middle...its pretty wild....but GOOD!