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Feb 25, 2002 01:40 PM

Salts, etc......

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Hi again...

I probably shouldn't add any more restaurants to my "to try" list, as I have more than enough, but I've read wonderful reviews of Salts, in Cambridge. I was pretty sure that I saw some posts on this board about Salts, but I may have missed them. Any thoughts on this place, and is it "too romantic"for a solo diner?

Also, Keith's Place in Dorchester sounds wonderful; is it near the JFK Museum and Library?


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  1. Keith's is definitely in the Roxbury part of Roxbury/Dorchester...On Blue Hill Ave, at Field's Corner, I think...Wonderful!!!

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    1. re: galleygirl

      oops, not at Fields Corner...sorry...469 Blue Hill Ave...617-427-7899

      1. re: galleygirl

        I tried it on galleygirl's recommendation and enjoyed it. It's in Grove Hall, definitely not near Kennedy Lib.

        1. re: chuck s

          Thanks, Chuck! That's disappointing, as I was looking forward to trying the hash and the sweet potato pancakes,...

          1. re: Betsy

            Might be worth the detour!

    2. That's funny you mentioned Salts because I was going to add two restaurants on your to-do list to think about, with Salts being one of them! A few stand-out dishes I've had (although you can't go wrong): a lobster pierogi appetizer with a lemon/chive cream sauce, a delicious rabbit and pistachio sausage recommended by the waiter, and a mixed grill (I think Niman Ranch steak/short ribs) with the rich, delicious caramelized onion sauce making a great dish oustanding. Excellent service. A couple previous posts on Salts: AND

      The other is pricier but one of my favorite restaurants in Boston - No. 9 Park. It's not mentioned a lot on this board because it's not really a "Chowhound Find", but has received many accolades and I have never had a meal there that I didn't LOVE. Also, excellent wine list and knowledgeable staff. (Great cocktails too - I'm thinking Pear Martinis!) In addition to the restaurant itself, the bar area is very nice with a few tables and comfy window seats (different menu). Favorites - lamb loin chops with gorgonzola fondue, gnocchi with lobster, peas, and truffle sauce, pasta bolognese, prune-stuffed gnocchi with tiny cubes of seared foie gras, and steak au poivre with frites.....

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      1. re: Rubee

        I guess that cinches, it...Thanks for the mouth-watering descriptions, and the links!

        Thanks for the address, Galley girl!

        1. re: Rubee

          Rubee, I meant to ask Salts easily reachable by the "T" from Boston?


          1. re: Betsy

            I'm not sure?, maybe someone else can chime in.........

            1. re: Rubee

              Salts is a couple of blocks from the Central Sq stop. And I second the lobster pierogi.

              1. re: Andy T.

                Thanks Andy (and an assist to you, Rubee)!

                Got it.....I hope the lobster pierogi is still on the menu, as that's a fall/winter type dish, and I'll be there in May....

                1. re: Andy T.

                  You can also take the No 1 bus along Mass ave and get off at Windsor St. (after MIT) and walk to main st.