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Feb 25, 2002 11:59 AM

North End/Fanueil Hall dining

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Two adults heading into Boston on Sunday afternoon for an evening with CNSY at the FleetCenter.
We are looking for restaurants within walking distance of the FleetCenter (North End/Faneuil Hall locale), where we can park once, casually dine and relax for a couple of hours without being rushed, and then walk to the FleetCenter and attend the show. Our tastes traditionally revolve around the Italian, Irish, and American fares. Thus far, good things have been heard about Rabia's and Mike's Pastry (for the sweet tooth). Any other suggestions without getting too pricey?

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  1. Right near Fleet Center on Endicott Street is Massimino's - a family owned restaurant with reasonable prices (for the North End). Try pork chops with vinegar peppers and potatoes - old Italian family recipe.

    1. Prezza on Fleet Street (off commercial) is the absolute best bet in the North End. Don't forget to have some dessert!