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Feb 25, 2002 11:53 AM

Public Markets

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As a bit of a follow-up to Lindsey B's post below about the Brookline Market, I wanted to start a little rant about the lack of a year-round, indoor public farmers' market in Boston...or am I missing one? I went to Philadelphia recently and was impressed with the Reading Terminal Market there. Perhaps I fell for the Board of Tourism's schtick, but thought it was fantastic. Every kind of food, raw and cooked...a total inspiration one's inner chef and a great place to go get breakfast/lunch/dinner. A bit more manageable than Pike Place in Seattle...although there aren't cute guys throwing fish around, but one has to accept these kinds of tradeoffs.

My question to old the Boston hands, since I haven't lived here all that long: have you ever heard about anything like this proposed for the area? I can imagine that it's the kind of thing that has almost gotten off the ground a bunch of times, given the demographics here. But maybe not...

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  1. I know there was discussion of a year round market last year to be located in the Waterfront area as part of the continuing development going on down there. I haven't heard anything recently but maybe someone else has more up to date info.

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      I used to live in Philadelphia and miss having a market like the Reading Terminal. Haymarket is terrible in comparison. Why do Bostonians settle for such bad produce?

      Here's a search hit with a mention of the "Friends of the Boston Public Market":

      1. re: Alex

        I thought something had to be brewing at some point...thanks for this link!

    2. I think you have to go up to Portland.

      1. Beth,

        Reading Terminal is awesome! It is such a shame we don't have something similar here in Boston. Next time you're there you must get a roast pork sandwich from Tommy DiNic's and some baked goods from the Amish bakery.