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Feb 24, 2002 06:00 PM

Great Sichuan Food

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Sichuan Garden in Brookline is a one-of-a-kind in the Boston area. The food is truly authentic. I have taken several native Chinese visitors who grew up on Sichuan food and they were all quite impressed. Try the ma po tofu, the Chengdu-style dry fried chicken with three peppers, the tea-smoked duck. If you are really feeling adventurous try the sliced chicken in hot pepper oil appetizer and the tiger-skinned peppers. Ahooa!

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  1. I had gone by it many times thinking that it was just another suburban Chinese, but then I tried it. I found the food to be quite good and unusual. I was also impressed with the service and the atmosphere. Worth a try.

    1. I have been threatening various parties to write about this place for a while and every week I fail a sense of (admittedly underwhelming)guilt threatens to consume me. Thankfully, I have thus far avoided consumption.

      Sichuan Garden is indeed an excellent spot for Sichuan style food in boston. If you are or go with a chinese reader make sure to ask for the super secret, super special chinese menu. Also, Sichuan Garden lays many traps for the casual eater -- it is possible to have sublimely poor prandial experience there and it is also possible, and even likely, to have a mediocre one. However, if you stick to the Sichuan style food and sundry other highlights on the menu is it easy to have a positively transcendent meal there. I recommend it wholeheartedly and have been toying with the idea of submitting it to our fellow hounds as a location for mass pilgrimage and feeding frenzy in the post-St. Petersburg days...