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Feb 24, 2002 01:41 PM

Brookline Market (Where? When? What's Good?)

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I'd like to go to the Brookline Market, but I don't know where it is, or whether it convenes during the winter months.

What other good public markets are there in Boston?

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  1. You mean the farmers' market?? It's in Coolidge Corner, every Thurs. from 1:30 til dusk. Only June 6 or so till late September, maybe Oct. All the other FM's in the area run on basically the same schedule, just different days....We ARE in the Northeast, nothing native that isn't hothouse!

    1. While waiting for local summer produce and funk, I would suggest going to either Harvest Market in Central Sq. Cambridge (long ago, it was the Cambridge Food Co-op) or Russo's (just remembered they have a web site-- see below)


      1. The farmer's market is on Centre St. behind the Coolidge Corner Theatre and starts the second week in June. Some of my faves are the goat cheese people, the cheddar and guda cheese people, clearflour bakery, and Bob the turkey guy. Cheshire farms is there sometimes with his selection of mustards, jams, and fresh garlic. Once you've tried fresh garlic it's hard to go back.

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          The Brookline Market is worth it for the cheeses and Clear Flour products alone.

        2. Well, it's the wrong time of the year for local farmer's markets, but when that time rolls around, check out the Massgrown site. There is awesome info there, including listings of farmer's markets, Pick Your Own farms, and Mass. agritourism.


          1. This thread makes me eager for summer! The Brookline market is one of the best; the one in Central Square, Cambridge is also quite good, and it tends to start a bit earlier (late May) than the other ones in this area. Of course, there's not a whole lot ready to come out of the ground that early, but there is some good stuff. Even asparagus, occasionally.