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Feb 24, 2002 10:55 AM

Weekend in Boston

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Will be spending the March 1st weekend in Boston, and staying on the Harvard campus.

Party of 2 Adults.

Looking for some middle to upper end good places to eat that would be walking distance from the campus, as well as any restaurants accessible by the subway.

Big fan of all kinds of foods, seafood, italian, japanese..

Never been to Boston before, so any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. Close to Harvard, I like Chez Herni, walking distance cuban/french. or jump on the T, redline to greenline to North End, just the 2 of you should have no problem getting a table at The Daily Catch. It is right on Hanover St. (cross the street for coffee at Cafe Vittoria afterwards)

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      Check out Algiers for a pot of tea, coffee, dessert or sandwich and salad for lunch. The clientele are intellectual/bohemian cambridge types, the service is usually excellent, the food is good and wellpriced ($25 for two for lunch). I like to get a falafel sandwich and a pot of mint tea. You can spend all afternoon at your table playing chess, talking movies or just enjoying the ambiance.

      Located at 40 Brattle Street above Casablanca and the Brattle Movie Theater.

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      Peter McCarthy

      I think there are two expensive restaurants worth the money in Harvard Sq:
      Serves Alsatian food. I love their flammekueche---a pizza-like flatbread---and their choucroute.(
      a Mediteranean-influenced restaurant in the Charles hotel. (
      )And for cheap eats, try the beef noddle soup or mi xaio at Pho Pasteur (in the Garage on JFK St.)

      There are good restaurants in Central Square, one T stop from Harvard. Several good choices there:
      Central Kitchen - Wine bar/bistro
      Baraka Cafe - North African with French influence.
      Rangzen - Tibetan