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Feb 23, 2002 04:50 PM

Noodle soup recommendations in Chinatown

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Sorry for the repeat post, but I didn't get any responses to my last one.

I'm interested in peoples' experiences / recommendations for good noodle soup places in Chinatown. Thoughts?

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  1. There is a veritable hole-in-the-wall (3 tables) at 5 N. Beacon St., Brighton, called Charles Kitchen that has without a doubt the best Chinese duck soup I have ever eaten. Went there to eat in (found it when a nearby recommendation was smoky, which I can't tolerate), and the proprietor couldn't have been nicer or more happy that we were eating in, not take-out. Offered more broth (rich, greaseless, flavorful) and we were stuffed... at extremely low prices. Not a "soup place", but really worth checking out.

    1. I haven't been here for a little while but
      Pho Bang in Chinatown is superb. HUGE bowls of fabulous broth, lots of curious possibilities (tripe & tendon is just one interesting and yummy pairing) and very fresh mix-ins. This is a great place.

      7 Beach St, Chinatown, MA
      Phone: (617) 422-0501