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Feb 23, 2002 08:16 AM

SE Asian produce and other random queries

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hey there -

after living in thailand and returning to boston, i have been happy to find almost everything i need to cook my favorite thai at home (since restaurants seldom get it quite right). but there are a few things i've had trouble finding - specifically, kaffir limes/lime leaves. any suggestions? i've been through most of the grocery stores in chinatown and one or two in brookline.

also - i have not been able to find a restaurant that serves good northern thai food (sticky rice, som tam, laap muu). and does anyone know a place that serves a good andalusian gazpacho (aka "white" gazpacho)?

thanks for the tips!

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  1. This may be out of your geographic range, but the Southeast Asian Restaurant in Lowell (one of my favorite places) serves good (at least to my and my friends' tastes) versions of all the dishes you mentioned, though I think they label them as Laotian instead of Thai.

    There's also a little Asian grocery around the corner from the restaurant that may have kaffir lime leaves, though I haven't looked for them specifically.



    1. I've had a hard time finding those elusive Kaffir lime leaves in Boston (also checking the Chinatown stores and Super88). I did find them in Burlington, MA at a small store called "China Merchandise", in a strip mall, on Cambridge Street. Great little place with lots of ethnic ingredients. Aisles are devoted to different countries such as Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.

      1. Also, for Northern Thai - check out some of the earlier threads on Khao Sarn (which has some Northern Thai dishes on their menu)in Brookline, and Bangkok City on Mass Ave. Bangkok City has a separate menu that you have to ask for, two pages of Northern and Central Thai dishes. Link below: