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Feb 21, 2002 03:30 PM

East Asia in Somerville

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There is a great little place called East Asia located at Powder House Sq. on Broadway across from Doherty's Funeral Home. It has the most wonderful Chinese food. It is really small (6 tables) but well worth trying out. Great luncheon specials that include appetizers, soups and entrees.

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  1. But avoid their Pad Thai... It's gummy and bland. The shrimp are rubbery and the chicken bits taste off.

    1. This is good news, because in my recent experience the Chinese food situation in the immediate Davis Sq. area has been very sad indeed. Perhaps this is an un-Chowhound-ish question...but do you know if they deliver?

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        I don't know if they deliver, but I just wanted to put in my two cents: delivery/take-out are eminently chowish!

        1. re: Beth

          Has anybody been to that Asian-Fusion place next to Carbury's? I haven't given it a shot yet.

          QuingDao Garden is on mass Ave on the other side of the footpath. They're pretty good and make some great Dumplings. I bet they deliver to davis.

          1. re: Beth

            Yes, East Asia delivers. Try their wonton soup :)