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Feb 21, 2002 07:53 AM

Dinner Before/After the Symphony

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I'm looking for a place to go to dinner either before or after the Symphony this Saturday night. It seems as if I have been to all of the places that are typically recommended for such an occasion and would appreciate some new recommendations. Price is not an issue - but I'd like a nice atmosphere/room. One other note: I'm taking a date who knows good food and who I'd really like to impress.

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  1. We go to the Symphony 12 - 14 times each season, always have dinner before hand, and have tried most of the logical places in Back Bay and South End. That said, the favorites we return to most eagerly time and again are Clio and Mistral.

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      Whatever you do, avoid Betty's Wok and Noodle Diner. We went there last week. It was even worse than I remembered. The food was awful and the service was even worse. Amongst other things, they nearly overcharged us by $20, and weren't very gracious when we politely pointed out the mistake.

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        Figures...Totally in keeping with their attitude.....

    2. I haven't eaten there but what about Stars on Huntington? It's a fairly comfortable room (with lots of TVs tho if that bothers you) and the menu looks fairly interesting. Associated with the people who do Tosca in Hingham.

      1. Here is a link to one of the last times this topic came up...

        Unfortunately, the area is not that fruitful in regards to chow treats, if you want to be right there...But if I were trying to impress a date who knows food, I'd go to Bangkok City, and ask for the Northern Thai menu..One, it will show you are in the know, and two, according to Rubee, it's four pages of authentic great!


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          Bangkok City is a good choice. Be sure to request the "traditional" menu. I recommend the green papaya salad. It's crunchy like a vinaigrette coleslaw with fish sauce and lime. It doesn't taste anything like ripe papaya.

          I've only had two kinds of curry from the traditional menu: hot and sour catfish curry, and shrimp jungle curry. They've both been served in a spicy broth. The jungle curry has some interesting ingredients like unseeded green chilis, wild mushrooms and green peppercorns.

          My boyfriend had the crispy duck, also from the traditional menu. He was disappointed because some of the pieces were burnt.

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            Must be the same menu..I have Huntington tickets next week; catfish curry, can't wait! Both of those dishes are right up my alley.

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              When they hand me the regular menu, I just ask for the "Thai menu" - must be all in the same!