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Feb 20, 2002 10:00 PM

Beansprout in Malden

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A friend recommended a Thai restaurant in Malden called Beansprout, but couldn't tell me where it was. Does anyone know its location and / or have any recommendations as to what's good? Any opinions on the food there, positive or negative?

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  1. It is located on the corner of Medford Street and Commercial Ave. I am not sure they have thai food but the Chinese food is great.

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      Glad someone else knows the Beansprout. It is the only Chinese I had found (before finding Mary Chungs)that was more "California" style. You have to know what to order. Their kung pao is the best, especially ordered extra, extra spicy!

    2. It's not Thai; it's Chinese. Reasonably realiable, if not exactly adventerous. But adventerous sometimes gets oversold these days....