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Feb 20, 2002 03:12 PM

A Chowhound Social;Boston hounds invited to NY!!!

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After hearing about our New Years dinner, several New Yorkers wanted to come down and join us, and there are those of us who read their postings with unremitting envy as well..Which got us all to thinking, that a ChowHound multi-board event could be fun.. So they posted this on the NY board...Dennison PROMISED dinner in Chinatown could follow!! Follow the link below to read the discussion on the Manhattan board; Outer Borough people, Tristate and even Penn people may come! Rubee and i are going, who else?

Post from the Manhattan Board;
"Dennison, Eric Eto and I would like to announce our second Chowhoundevent. Save the date: March 9th at 5pm, at the bar No Idea, which is located on 30 East 20th Street.
(This event is purely social, not a fundraiser.)
No Idea has a roomy back room, and more importantly ALLOWS OUTSIDE FOOD for an informal “Best of Chowhound” tasting.
All hounds, new and old, are invited to bring what they consider the best chowhound tip. Dennison will be bringing roast pork buns from Mei Lai Wah, I will be bringing challah from Rezeszowska Bakery in Greenpoint, and Eric will be unveiling his pick shortly.

You may either RSVP on the site or via email at .

Please note: This is a private, volunteer assisted event. No agency relationship express or implied exists between any parties and Chowhound, Inc. This is not a Chowhound, Inc. sponsored event."

I have already said I'm holding out for a Difara's pizza!


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  1. Yeah, we New Yorkers have been lurking about admiring your dinner menus from afar and really wanted to come up for the recent bash. However, my momma would have smacked me upside the head if I missed her Chinese New Year's dinner, so those plans kinda fell through. Your Russian dinner does sound intriguing though...

    In any case, this gathering at No Idea at 5PM on 3/9 is rapidly shaping up to be quite an event. It's generated a lot of excitement among chowvets and newbies alike and we've gotten a slew of rsvps already. The concept is super simple -- we've found a bar that will allow us to bring in food and are soliciting contributions of chow from anyone willing to bring stuff for all to sample. If y'all hop over to the thread on the Manhattan board, you'll see the kind of things that people will be bringing. It's going to be incredible -- tasty bits from the 5 boroughs and beyond, all collected by hounds from far and wide. I doubt that anyone attending will have already tried each of the wide-ranging selections that will be brought, so this is going to be a real learning experience for one and all. It's a tremendous opportunity to nosh in a convivial atmosphere with people who appreciate the goodies as much as you will.

    We'll likely have the entire bar to ourselves at that hour, so they'll be plenty of opportunity to mingle and meet your fellow hounds between bites. No Idea's got a buncha good beers on tap, including our local brew -- Brooklyn Lager. So please consider coming down for the event (and yes, there will no doubt be people heading off for dinner afterwards) and let us NYC hounds meet y'all! Hope to see you there!


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      For those hounds who may be on the fence, below is the link to the cheapo-cheapo bus that runs between Boston and NY, (as low as $25 RT, but figure on $45 or $50...) This is the one mentioned in the NY Times, in the story of the woman who took it to Boston for a burrito...Of course, car-sharing, etc. is also an option...Also, some NY hounds have generously offered lodging space if anyone needs it...They understand the higher calling for chow!


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        And thanks for that link from here. Hope several of you are able to make the trip. I am setting aside time to make the rounds to DiFara, etc.