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Feb 20, 2002 12:38 PM

Sushi Fish Mongers in Boston?

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Are there any fishmongers in greater Boston that carry flash-frozen, impeccably fresh fish suitable for making sushi and sashimi at home? Ideally, I'd like to find a Japanese-style fishmonger who carries things like tobiko. There's a Japanese grocery store on Newburry street that I've walked by several times. They look like a dry-goods operation, and I doubt if they sell fresh fish.

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  1. Very good question...testing my chowhounding skills..:)

    Sea to You..617 350 0130 They are located on the Boston Fish Pier..right next to No Name Fish Restaurant.

    They are primarily a wholesale operation and supply most of Boston's Japanese may have seen their trucks.

    They sell retail..Friday afternoon..1-3 and Sat 9-3..I don't know if they would turn you away at other times or take pity on you and sell you a fish..they have tobiko.

    Don't wear your good's not a retail market..whenever I've gone, they're generally butchering a big tuna..and the floor is wet and slick..great shopping experience.

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      Kotobukiyo Japanese grocery in the Porter Square Exchange (Mass. Ave. short walk from the Porter Square T stop) has a great selection of sushi grade fish, squid, uni, etc., including tobiko. I've purchased from them many times for the last eight years or so. The freshness is consistent, the cuts properly done. It's not cheap but you can buy small portions.
      While you're there grab an onigiri (triangular-shaped snack: rice wrapped in nori with yummy fillings; spicy kale is my favorite; about $1.50 each) from the trays next to the sushi case.

      If you're just looking for fish, Fresh Pond Seafood at the traffic circle in Alewife occassionally has sushi grade tuna at a good price. Sometimes they'll put a sign on the fish in the case or you can ask (or call ahead) what's sushi grade.

      1. re: Dinella

        For better prices than Kotobukiya, try Reliable market, the Korean market in Union Square. They tend to have the best retail prices. Also try Yoshinoya on Prospect just above Mass Ave in Central Square.

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          I thought this was dejavu... here's a previous thread on the subject


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            All of these places are good..and supplied by Sea to You..why not go to the source and eliminate the middle man.

            1. re: Eric Eto

              Eric, I gave Reliable about 4 or 5 tries for sushi grade fixings and found the selection to be rather thin. Is there an optimal time to go? Yes, Kotobukiyo is pricey, but you can count on everything you want always being there.