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Feb 19, 2002 08:24 PM

New Years Redux

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Back to Peach Farm. After a short wait, we were seated. Every table was full. I hadn't really noticed last time, but the restaurant is primarily large tables (I can't imagine why I didn't notice the last ime :)). Every seat in the place was full the entire time we were there..almost a party atmosphere. They should also issue neck braces at the my head was twisting to see the dishes at other tables..we got a few admiring glances when a platter of oysters and scallops in the shell were brought to our table..that, the eel in mei kee (sp) sauce and the pea pod stems were all we could get..with lots of eel left for a midnight snack. Interesting as busy as PFS was (Tom, our helper from last week, said it was still New Years celebrants)the rest of Chinatown was very quiet..virtually every other restaurant was empty.

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  1. Hmm, and I'm sitting here eating Korean leftovers while I work..Not that that's a bad thing!

    I think there's definitely enough 4-top tables that you don't need to feel intimidated by large groups..I'm glad to hear you could get the fabulous eel; I've been telling everyone about it..Sounds like you had the best dishes from our feast! I think a lot of Chinese families get together in their homes for NY dinners, maybe that's why Ctown was quiet..But Peach Farm isn't quite home-cooking; perhaps if one WERE to go out for their NY celebration, it would be to such a "special" place...Just my hypothesis!

    BTW, when I posted about our NY celebration, I neglected to mention that the tab p/p was $35, including tax and tip...For those who might be intimidated!

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      I wasn't intimidated by the big tables. It really made for a fun atmosphere...but there were only 4 square tables in the main room where we ate. My table had fold up leaves so they can expand the tables...just lots of big groups. For any eel lovers, I should mention that the eel was $30..You need to buy the whole eel and they charge by the pound. Not complaining..just was great and there was lots of it for 2 people. I probably have 1/2 an eel in my fridge..:)