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Feb 19, 2002 01:01 PM

boozy lunch date?

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I'm looking for ideas for a Saturday lunch spot where we can get a martini (please no comments on getting all liquored up for a date). Would like to stay Cambridge side of the river, but we could travel for the right place. Any/all welcome.

Yumyum91 (fka Amy)

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  1. The B Side has good drinks and now serves brunch on Sat. and Sun. (, that French toast sounds yummy). Not sure how the mixed drinks are at the Miracle of Science, but they're always dependable foodwise. Maybe Temple Bar or West Side Lounge? But again, can't vouch for the drinks.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Great suggestions Joanie -- thanks for pointing me to the B-side website. I love that place. I'll be sure to report back on the brunch.

      1. re: Joanie

        BTW, much to our disappointment, the B-side was not doing their brunch this past weekend. No explanation either. I hate it when that happens. We ended up at Brasserie Jo, mostly for the wine list. The food is mediocre at best.

        1. re: yumyum91

          Too bad. The meal I had there last Wed. was excellent. But maybe they can't get up that early for brunch.