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Feb 19, 2002 11:00 AM

Sushi Corner in Melrose

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As a thank-you for all the great recommendations I've gotten from this board (such as Taiwan Cafe), I wanted to bring Sushi Corner in Melrose to your attention. I know that Oishii Sushi is the current chowhound "gold standard" for the Boston area (and I intend to get there RSN), but this place is both really good and, as sushi goes, inexpensive.

So far I've been there three times, and it's been great every time. The place is relatively new, and I've been told that the chef (Su) comes from Sushi Island in Wakefield. IMO, it's better than the current version of same.

The fish is fresh and delicious, the prices are reasonable, the staff are friendly, and it's much more convenient than Chinatown, Brookline, or Newton for folks in the Northern burbs. What more could one ask? I don't think it has a liquor license yet, but I think BYOB is OK.

They're currently running an all-you-can-eat sushi special for $29.95, I think as a promo to help get the place established. Unlike many other AYCE deals, this seems to include everything on the sushi menu, freshly made for you. So far Su has been willing to make up just about anything he has in stock.

Specials last night included ankimo and ama-ebi, and both were great. The special maki are also quite tasty. This place has turned me on to albacore, and I'm hoping Su will add saba to his regular menu. He has it from time to time, but his regular customers don't like it much. It was available last night, and was terrific.

Sushi Corner is located at 18C Essex Street in Melrose, accessed from the Shaw's parking lot (next to the animal shelter and invisible from the street). The phone number is 781-662-1278. It's a tiny hole-in-the-wall kind of place, with maybe 24 seats including the four at the bar. I'd suggest calling ahead and warning them if you intend to bring a mob, but they handled six of us doing AYCE without a problem.

Enjoy, and if y'all want any more details, just ask.


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  1. Hi,

    This may be a better choice for us as my husband and I are taking three college kids for sushi in Boston. Oishi sounds as if we'd better get on line now, no? And pricewise, I'm not sure what makes better sense. Any help you can give will be appreciated. We're staying in the Back Bay area.

    Thanks a lot!

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      While I'm sure Sushi Corner is great, you'll notice posters were talking about not making the trip into Boston...You are staying right IN the heart of Boston, so it really doesn't make sense to drag to the suburbs for sushi that might be a little cheaper...Oishii probably won't be bad line-wise on a Thursday, but you're right in town, so you could go to Guyahama on Boylston St, (I think they even have happy hour prices!), Ginza in Chinatown, or Sushiya in Chinatown..Or my own particular favorite, Takeshima in Brookline, a 5 minute walk from the Coolidge Corner T-stop...

    2. Thanks T.B.

      One of the things I missed when I moved to Melrose was being able to walk out of the house and take a short walk for good sushi and ribs. While i can still get to downtown Boston in less than 20 minutes, it's still nice to be able to walk out the door for good food. Melrose has slowly improved over the last year and this sounds like a nice addition. It's also just around the corner, so looks like I can now take a short walk for some well prepared, reasonably priced sushi. Now for the ribs ?