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Feb 16, 2002 02:33 PM

Tamarind Syrup

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Cardullo's in Harvard Square used to carry Tamarind Syrup. Can anyone tell me where I might find this delectable sweet anywhere? The Boston area is my first choice but anywhere in NE is just fine.


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  1. Polcari's..a spice shop in the North End has it..corner of Salem and Parmenter. What do you use it for?

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      time traveler

      Thanks for the info. I make a cold drink with club soda and lime. It's Fantastic

      1. re: time traveler

        I bought a bottle of it a few years ago..for a recipe that I never made. If you can't find it you can have my unopened bottle...unless of course I try that drink and fall in love with it..:)

    2. I buy tamarind concentrate (pulp and water) at Super88 at the Southbay Center - They may have the tamarind syrup (I don't think they're the same?)

      1. the middle eastern markets in watertown usually have tamarind syrup. try arax market:

        Arax Market 617/924-3399. 603 Mt Auburn, Watertown

        If they don't have it, there are many other middle eastern markets in the same area that usually have it.