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Feb 15, 2002 02:59 PM

Another Khao Sarn Cuisine report

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I just got back from having lunch at Khao Sarn Cuisine in Coolidge Corner and wanted to thank GG for alerting us to this great new Thai restaurant.

We started with the Miang Kum appetizer – the Thai spinach leaf wrap of dried coconut, dried shrimp, roasted peanuts, red onions and peppers and fresh lime served on the leaf with a sweet syrup sauce on the side. The dish I learned should be eaten whole in one bite to experience all the different flavors instead of taking small nibbles /bites. Past postings about this were very accurate; I’m already thinking about ordering it again the next time I go.

The lunch specials come with soup – the soup choices were Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut) or Tom Yum Gai (spicy chicken). Both were delicious.

Our entrée choices were…
1. Chicken basil – 3 chili peppers ( very spicy ) –chicken sautéed with hot peppers , fresh Thai basil leaves, mushrooms, red and green peppers and onions served with white rice
2. Squid basil – identical to the chicken basil but made with squid
3. Panang Nuer – 1 chili pepper ( very mild) – beef and vegetables in a panang curry sauce served with white rice
4. Khao Cook Ka Peet – this was not one of the lunch specials but was from the traditional menu section.
This was fried rice made with shrimp paste topped with fried fatty pork (similar to country bacon without the saltiness) chopped scallions, dried shrimp, and fried scrambled egg and julienne mango that was not ripe yet. This dish was quite flavorful and was the recommendation of our wait staff when asked about what dishes were most authentic and traditional

My lunch experience was wonderful – the food was delicious and the wait staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. We had a chance to go over the lunch and dinner menu with them and discussed what were the more traditional dishes that should be tried because they are hard to find elsewhere in Boston. I’m already looking forward to trying the Hall Moak, which is one of their signature dishes on their dinner menu. It is described as a truly authentic dish made with northern Thai spices, coconut milk and curry paste steamed in banana leaves available with chicken or salmon.

We got to meet one of the restaurant’s partners after the wait staff had learned that I heard about their restaurant from a chowhound posting. He was quite surprised and I think honored that his restaurant was being discussed on the chowhound message board.

To complete our great lunch we got a free sample of their Mango Martini that had just gotten made (there is a huge container of it on the bar). We learned that it is made daily with fresh mangos, absolute vodka, sake and some other secret ingredient – our sample did not have much of a mango flavor but was quite smooth. I will definitely go back at dinnertime for another taste when the mango flavor has gotten more infused with the alcohol.

They also have a dessert menu but we were all to full to even attempt a taste, there is always next time.

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  1. 9lives kindly confirmed that Khao Sarn is T accessible but I neglected to actually ascertain the appropriate T stop when he was within grabbing distance.

    Would some kind soul please fill me in on this as my ability to keep visiting this place off the top of my priority list has been utterly shattered.

    many thanks,

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    1. re: Psmith

      Coolidge Corner stop on the "C" Branch of the green line....It's on the Best Cellars side, about a block off Beacon...

      1. re: galleygirl

        Thanks hounds. This place is wonderful.
        Started w Miang Kum- a rainbow of flavors.
        Then, Hall Moak chicken: It's like a smooth Indian Pudding that's gone to heaven,
        Finally the sticky rice that comes with the mango. It's flavored with sweetened coconut milk, and is better than any rice pudding I'd ever had.

      2. re: Psmith

        I was with diane s at lunch and wholeheartedly agree with her report. It was delightful. The food was superb (I had the 3 chili chicken basil and it was hot), and the staff were extremely warm and attentive. I HIGHLY recommend!!

        In terms of the T, you can take the Beacon St. Green Line, and get off at Coolidge Corner (Harvard St). When you get off the T, you want to walk down Harvard St. towards Rte 9 (not towards Comm Ave). The restaurant will be about a 3 minute walk (maybe less), on your right hand side, just before Chef Chows (and across from Bruggers Bagels). You can't miss it!!!

        Let us know what you think!

      3. We had the Hall Moak on our first visit. We had the chicken. I loved it, but my fiance was on the fence. It is very unusual. When you unwrap the banana leaves, you find something that has the appearance and texture of a mousse. It has a (very) few small pieces of chicken in it, but is primarily just a steamed pudding sort of thing. Very tasty. Interesting consistency.