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Feb 15, 2002 12:54 PM


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Just had a great sushi meal at a new place..Sushi Time. This place is, believe it or not, in the food court at The Corner Mall. Pieces are a little smaller than usual, but prices are 30-40% less than most sushi. I had yellowtail, eel, sea urchin, squid, and mackerel..all were very fresh..including the oily fish, that I enjoy when fresh, but goes downhill fast, if it's not fresh.

There was also a Greek place, looked good...Thai and Indian..looked ok If you work in this area and have a craving for those cuisines, there's not a lot of options. Various other foods, none of which looked particularly good.

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  1. I'm changing the subject line here. It's really not "all about me." And this is without the cranberry vodka shots..:)

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      I know you posted on Friday afternoon, but 2pm is a little early. Or is it that vodka shots lunch has replaced the martini lunch.

      1. re: wrayb

        just mixed up the subject and name martinis or vodka shots...I'm craving some dim sum, when are you going to be up here next? we are all looking forward to your next trip.