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Feb 14, 2002 08:40 PM

St Petersburg Cafe

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We have a reservation for 8 people, Friday, March 1..6PM..they would only take a res at 6 or 9. First come..first served...Russian food.

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  1. Me, me, me!!!!!

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    1. Consider me there (please).


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        Chief of Powshiek

        Count me in, please.

      2. Sorry can't make it. Ski weekend.

        1. Damn, I'm actually cooking for 8 that nite, and I've wanted to try St. Petersburg for a while. Did you guys come up with the date the other nite?

          1. I'm new to this board but just had to share my dining experience at St Petersburg Cafe with all of you.
            I had dinner there last Friday night and what a meal it was. We had reservations for 4 of us for 9pm and the place was packed. Here was our meal:
            1- a wonderful vegetarian combination appetizer sampler that had marinated mushrooms, an eggplant spread, marinated eggplant chunks, pickled carrots/cabbage and I think beets. The eggplant spread tasted wonderful on the dark bread that is served with lunch and dinner.
            2- Soup - Russian Borsh which is beet soup (this is also available as a vegetarian version), a mushroom and barley soup and Solanka - which is a "meat soup" comprising of many different "meats" (beef, kidney, tongue, sausage, etc) My Russian girlfriend swears that their Solanka is as authentic as one can get.
            3- Salad Vinigrette - this is a traditional cold diced potato, beet and carrot salad.
            4- Blini - crepes served with smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar (salmon roe). You have to assemble these yourself, which is half the fun.
            5- Meat or Potato filled pastry pockets (I can't remember what these were called but if you order Borsch soup, it comes with it) it is also on the appetizer list.
            (Other appetizers that I've tried include an interesting chicken appetizer sampler which had pate, chunks of marinated chicken and other items that I don't recall - I personally prefer the vegetarian sampler but its fun to try many different appetizers if you are going with a group)
            1- Pelmeni - mini round meat ravioli that is served with sour cream. This dish is very simple and light (after eating all the appetizers above) and reminds me of Chinese dumplings (this is one of my favorite dishes)
            2- Veal stew - I not a veal lover but one of my friends enjoyed this dish
            3-Vegatarian stuffed cabbage - this dish was wonderfully presented with dried fruit on top of the stuffed cabbage - The filling was rice along with different types of dried fruit. It was very tasty and not overly sweet)
            4- A potato dumpling that reminded me of Perogies but I can't recall their name on the menu. This was served with sour cream and fried onions on the side.
            1- Russian Tea
            2- we split a piece of Russian pastry (they bring over a tray for you to view) - we went with the Napoleon which was the perfect ending to a great meal.

            You will love this restaurant - the food is delicious, the place is filled with beautiful Russian art work and a bar display of Russian Vodkas (Be sure to try their homemade cranberry vodka - its the best) To add to your dining pleasure they have a pianist playing on Friday and Saturday night (Last Friday there was a famous pianist that my Russian friend immediately recognized and was practically swooning all night about being able to be so close to him - she had actually paid money to see him give a concert many years ago )

            Note - most of the food comes with sour cream on the side so you can add it if you like and hopefully you like dill (the one herb that is found in most of the dishes) The pace here is leisurely so sit back and enjoy the meal and atmosphere and don't expect to be out of there until at least 11:30 or midnight.

            Looking forward to your report and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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            1. re: Diane S

              ok, here is the question--or, rather, questions: Solionye Griby--are these forest mushrooms, as is proper, or are they using simple white mushrooms? Is the product somewhat "slimy?"
              Do thy have real, Russian style pickles ("kosher" is the closest you can get in the US)?

              If they are serving Miasnaia Selianka, there is hope that they have Kharcho and/or Rassolnik. True?


              Sounds like this place is worth a stop when next in Beantown.....

              1. re: Hazelhurst

                The marinated mushrooms were the simple white mushrooms and they were not slimy.

                The mushrooms in the mushroom soup tasted more earthy so I do not believe they were of just the white mushroom variety but I could be mistaken

                I don't recall Russian style pickles on the menu

                If they are serving Miasnaia Selianka, there is hope that they have Kharcho and/or Rassolnik. True? I can't recall but they do have a lot of soup choices

                Ushki/Vareneki? - yes , I think Vareneki were the dumplings that we had that night that I think are very similar to Perogies.

                1. re: Diane S

                  Many thanks for the information.

                  I realize, in retrpospect, that "slimy" may have carried a perjorative weight that was not intended. the classic homemade stuff that I have enjoyed is viscous and is done with salt and various other items according to the cook's desires (black currant leaves, maybe clove &c.) If you can get this in the USA then you should do so by any and all means.

                  The fact that the cafe offers many soups is highly encouraging. I'd be tempted to have the selianka right away because it is such a fascinating soup. Too bad it is not better known outside Russia. (How could one NOT like a soup that features olives and pickles?)

                  If they are offering vareniki AND pieroski AND pel'meni, well...they seem to know what they are doing. I look forward to a vicarious enjoyment of meals through further postings.

                  I wonder: do they have cherymsha?("Siberian garlic") That alone would be worth the trip.

              2. re: Diane S

                Ooh, thanks for the review..I knew they had SOME veg stuff, but this sounds great!!!