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Feb 14, 2002 02:16 PM

Coffee Kingdom in Worcester?

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Years ago I used to frequent Coffee Kingdom in Worcester, where you could get bistros of different kinds of coffee, pastries, etc. I have such fond memories of the place, as it was one of the only places that a young highschool student/college student could hang out at night in a non-bar setting. Does anyone know if it's still around and if so, has it changed much in the past 10 years? Thanks, chowhounds.

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  1. It's still there, but is probably under it 5 owner since high school. It is now trying to transition from a high school poetry/ heavy metal hang out to something more mainstream.

    1. Anyone have the recipe for those decadent chocolate chunk cookies they used to sell at Coffee Kingdom back in the 1990s? WoW those were dynamite. Have yet to find a cookie like them...

      If you do not have the recipe, please send the owner or chef's name, or any way to reach those delightful cookie owner/maker.

      THANK YOU!

      1. The good news is the neighborhood is now a good place to eat, with Corner Grille serving up creative pizza across the street, and some Albanian people (I think!) cranking out credible BBQ just a couple of doors down.

        1. WOW! That brought back memories. I recall watching Gulf War I and drinking my first really good coffee there (Ethiopean Yrgacheffe served in coffee presses).

          1. wow, that just made my jaw drop. haven't been to Coffee Kingdom since spring of 91 or 92, but it was a favorite high school hangout for me and my girlfriends....and it is the first place i ever had French Press.....I think i tried every flavor they had. Nice blast from the past!