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Feb 13, 2002 03:12 PM

confessions of a knife addict

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I was so successful in posting a request for a source for LeCreuset cookware, I thought a recomendation about a product I bought through Chowhound, and about which I am very pleased, might be in order. I am very careful of my knives. Sharpen them frequently, steel them before almost each use. I bought a ceramic 3 stone sharpener through "Morty the Knife Man" on the Chowhound site, and am thrilled. It is so easy to use (no oil or lubrication) that my wife even uses it, on occasion. It has replaced my Norton 3 stone sharpener. (the one with the messy, smelly oil reservoir). And it really keeps my knives sharp. Of course, honing with a steel is still suggested before use, and if you do this, sharpening is an infrequent thing.

Ben, thanks for the heads up about the cutleryand more site.

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  1. No prob. Look for their inventory clearance once in a while. I remember seeing some oepn stock items going as much as 40 to 50% off...

    I actually purchase more knifes from them than any other items ("trying" out first at local chesapeake knife and tools first, of course). My current favorite knifes are the Globals. I like the real light blade compared to most of the German knifes... it's a personal thing =)

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      Can you use the morty sharpener product on the globals? I'm using globals now and love them.

      Feel free to email me off list about this.



      1. re: terence

        You know, I have no idea...

        The global menual specifically said not to use steel sharpening rods, so I am using the ceremic rods for honning, and bought the waterstone for sharpening. Maybe you can email Global and find out? It will be good information for us global owners, heh

    2. Chuck,

      You might think about posting more general topics like this and on the "General Topics" board; you'll get more responses from people across the country! The head 'hounds try to keep discussions on the regional boards regional.

      1. This German made cutlery is not available in the U. S. For that matter they are difficult to find in Germany and are only available in four or five European countries. Additionally they cost about double what Wustof and Henckels sell for, even in Germany. A 9" chef's knife is 150 EUR.
        But they are without question the finest made knife on earth.
        If you travel in Europe look for them.