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Feb 12, 2002 10:22 PM

Chinese New Year's!!!

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Just want to send a note of thanks for including me, even though I am not an official Chowhound. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing / meeting everyone! You are a good group of "ChowHounds" ;)

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  1. you're welcome...and I now anoint you official chowhownd...I saw you nibble on the preserved oysters..:)You're in the group.

    1. I'm waiting for the official review so that I can re-live every bite. Delicious meal. I particularly enjoyed the eel in XO sauce and the oysters in black bean sauce. What's more amazing is how a goup of people can come together and dip their chopsticks right into the food. Happy New Year!

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        Oops! That should have been "group of people". I should have edited before posting.

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          I totally agree on the eel and the oyster. Definately one of the, if not the best eel and oyster dishes I ever had!! And everything else is pretty darn good. The sticky rice chicken is a new dish to me and also very good.

          An awesome meal with great company!! Much thanks to GalleyGirl for organizing and wine providing. Also thanks goes to Rubee for her generous two bottle of very tastey whites. And last, but not least, everyone for the interesting conversation. I had a fantastic time.

        2. I agree about the oysters and the eel. Although I forget the secret incantation to order the un-menu'd eel dish we had I would go to great lengths, possibly including interpretive dance, to order it again. I was also fond of the mushrooms and the greens in garlic and oil. The chicken head was cute as well.

          And as an added bonus I got to have drinks involving pomegranite and green apples a Mantra afterwards! And that is all to say nothing of their interesting bathroom situation...

          1. Yum yum is right. The banquet was divine and my faves include the duck skin appetizer, the oysters (not the ones with hair) and the stickyrice stuffed chicken.

            Galleygirl did a great job ordering for us, the group was a lot of fun, and the whole event was a treat.

            Dirty martini at Mantra, and all is right with the world.

            Thanks, Amy