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Feb 12, 2002 09:11 AM

Hammersley's Bistro

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I picked Hammersley's Bistro to celebrate my birthday next week w my husband. Never been there but has been on my long list to try for ever. Seeking suggestions on whats good on the menu. I like seafood and hubby likes duck and pork. Thanks in advance.

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  1. In my experience, the menu has been very hit or miss. Unfortunately (for you!), I don't remember any of the many misses. I do remember a few big hits:

    1) Roast Chicken: one of the best versions I've ever had. Always on the menu. Gourgeous crisp, garlicky, lemony skin. Very simple presentation. It just comes with roast potatoes, I think. Wonderful dish.

    2) Roast Suckling pig: (not always on the menu) maybe they are just good at roasting things. Again, gourgeous crisp skin. And, the meat is largely unadorned. Not bothered by any sauce, the essence of the pork flavor is left to shine on its own. Another great dish.

    3. Skate: the version on the current menu is just like the one I had. Rish buttery veal glaze, bacon, chanterrelles. Very good.

    They are also known for their mushroom and garlic "sandwich" appetizer, and the lemon custard souffle for dessert.


    Link: http://www.hamersleysbistro.com/menu6...

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      the duck confit app is a winner.