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Feb 10, 2002 03:36 PM

Chinese New Year's Dinner, Tues @ 7:30

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Okay, this is it!!!!...We have room for 6 hounds at Peach Farm Seafood, in Chinatown, at 7:30 Tuesday night, for a New Years banquet...

They are MY favorite seafood place, and they're offering 5 or 6 special dishes that are special for the New Year. These include dried oyster w/lettuce,(symbolizing wealth), black sea moss,not sure if that was part of the above,(I was on the phone--I'll have more info when the manager calls back.), but it IS traditional..a dish of wood mushrooms and lettuce, and pan fried dried oyster...They also offer the awesome chicken stuffed w/rice that Melanie Wong wrote up on the SF board...I guess it's a whole, boned chicken, stuffed w/sticky rice..Not that I eat that stuff, but I am a voyeur..

That said, Peach Farm does superlative seafood, more reasonably than some of the other places in Ctown...I would suggest we get one of the dried oyster dishes, a whole fish, clams w/black bean sauce, or whole scallops(another trad new Year food) w/ginger and scallion, another of their best dishes. Perhaps their lobster w/ginger and scallion, or crabs..They do great pea pod tendrils, and we shold choose a soup..

Luckily, none of these things need to be ordered in advance.(except the chicken)..We COULD arrange the menu in advance, because I know we'll have adventurous eaters, and then we'd know what the cost was in advance..The manager is going to call me later, and I had floated the idea of $30 per person for food, which should be pretty easy to stay under, because that's what we paid for my birthday seafood pigout, and I can't imagine it going higher..However, if we had 6 people(min. for a reservation, which would be great for tues nite!!),we could GET a res., but not have to make our choices til we get there...Either way...

I know 9lives wants in, and Rubee...Ben and Steve were up in the air... Everyone's welcome; the more people, the more fun it will be!! Hope this whole post hasn't been too confusing...To sum up, we need 6, or more...I'm doing preliminary planning, but we don't HAVE to choose any dishes in advance...Who's interested?? If you have more questions, just substitute "@" for "AT", and "." for "DOT" on my email address

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  1. amazing..great chowhound minds think alike..I just made a res for 6 at Jumbo Seafood..was about to post snd invite a crowd..GG count me in..Let's do Peach Farm..I'll cancell Jumbo.

    1. I am, as they say, _so_ there. Wild horses and all that...

      I am also conducting extensive investigation of an authentic and distinctly panty-twistingly good Sichuan style chinese place in Brookline for complete disclosure in the near future. I hope to make amends for not mentioning that the lamb at King Fung is gamey before the intrepid fellow hounds donned their best gustatory trowsers and made the trip. :)

      all, always, in every weather, gloriously, absorbingly yours,

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      1. re: Psmith

        7:30 at Peach Farm...see you there...we can trade Sichuan ideas...a few months ago, a group of us went to King Fung..loved the Peking duck and dumplings..were universally unimpressed by everything else.

        1. re: 9lives

          Yeah I know, I wrote the Peking duck post that launched the expedition. What I failed to do was adequately describe the other highlights and numerous pitfalls on the menu thus leaving the group tragically, bordering on criminally, under-briefed.

          See you tuesday!


          1. re: Psmith

            Is there room for one more? I'd love to join you guys.

            1. re: Lindsay B.

              About time you showed up! :) Sure!

              1. re: galleygirl

                Awesome. I'll be the short 20-something with red glasses and blond hair.

      2. OOO!! OOO!! I am in!! =)

        This will actually be a new experience for me since I do not recognized most of the dishes being part of a new year meal when I was growing up in Taiwan... must be a regional(HK) thing =p

        1. Is there room for one more? I'd love to join you guys!

          1. I'm in, if there's still room at the table. I have missed two CH events now due to work (and personal) travel, and I can't bear missing another.

            . Especially after the delicious meal I had last night at the fab thai place in cc. I would never have known without GG and Rubee and I must bow down at the altar of their houndliness.

            Let me know if I still have time to join in.

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            1. re: Amy

              Yup just changed the res. to 10 people...

              (BTW, I consider it my houndly duty to keep that Thai place in business; that's been a bad luck spot..Only WE can break the spell!)

              1. re: Amy

                Hey Amy I was there last night too, around 8:00 - 3 of us. We had the shrimp pad thai, "pad ped moo pa" (pork with eggplant, vegetables, HOT chili sauce) and the whole fried fish with spicy sauce -- all delicious. The waiter and waitress recognized me from Friday, which is always a good sign for a restaurant, and because of that (I think) the food was appropriately spicy - there was a lot of eyes watering and sniffling at the table!!! I also tried the
                "roam mit" dessert. Coconut jelly, palm seed jelly, and slices of young coconut and other fruit in a thin, creamy coconut milk topped with ice. Very good.