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Feb 9, 2002 09:16 PM

Single Dining

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Any recommendations for places around town (inside 128) that make people feel comfortable dining alone? Especially as a single female, I have had some pretty rude waitstaff and poor seating, when all I'd like is parity with couples and groups of friends.

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  1. That is a fairly expansive area and tough to address. There is a place in South Boston called Red's Eastside Grill that has a disproportionate number of single women dining alone at the bar. Obviously they feel comfortable there and the food is pretty good, not great but straightforward and well priced. The Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons is very accommodating to single diners and has it all, good food lovely surroundings and good service, on the pricier side as one would imagine at the Four Seasons. On the Northshore in Salem the Lyceaum Bar & Grill has terrific food at half the price of Boston restos served in a warm and inviting setting. A single person can eat at the very small bar at Mamma Maria in the north end and have a great meal with out to many jugheads hitting on you. Sel de La Terre also has a good bar with soft deep leather chairs that is a good spot for dinner. Good luck, it might help if you were a bit more specific in what and where you are looking

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      Mama Maria at the bar sounds like a great idea for a single on short notice.

      n.b. The bar at Sel de la Terre (including the cocktail lounge area) has its own limited menu. In my experience they will not serve the regular menu in the bar area. However, they have never appeared hesitant to seat me at a "single" table in the main dining room.

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        Thanks so much for the suggestions. I would not have thought of the bar seatings myself as I am not that much of a drinker, but I have always preferred the stools in front of the pit at Redbones, even when there with others, and would not have thought of it in the more upscale settings. It's a great idea.
        I live in Newtonville, so if you know any spots closer to there, I'm open to more suggestions.

    2. I'd vote for bar seating also. I often eat alone out here in cambridge. I 've never had a problem with the waitstaff. I usually find the bartenders to be more friendly anyways.

      I really like Chez Henri out newar porter sq., you can order from their bar menu or their dining menu. It gets a little unwieldly holding 2 or three menus at a time but It's great to have all the choices. Plus their cuban sandwich is the best!

      I do find that it's usually less smoky and crowded if you go before 8 or so.

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        Because of my strange hours (freelancer) and strange hours(night owl), I've often done the ating alone thing, and eating at the bar IS the easiest soltuion..Totally erases any guilt you might have (and of course, only a woman would (g)..) about tying up a table, but can be entertaining, too...It's definitely okay not to drink, hey, you're ordering a meal!! A table on your own gets boring unless you have a book..

        The only place in Boston, or Brookline where I wouldn't eat alone is any branch of Kaya, the Japanese/Korean place...I have been to each alone, sitting at the sushi bar, or once a table, and in EVERY single one, I was treated like s**t...A non-person, ignored, my food didn't get there even tho I saw it sitting there for half an hour..Just mind-boggling. ..I've talked to other women who had the same experience...BUT, that is the exception, and you should have no problem anywhere else!

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          Is there such a thing as a smokeless bar? I have been very allergic to smoke all my life, not just since it has (thankfully) become political incorrect. Would have a strong preference for a smoke-free meal, if possible.

          1. re: ScratchBaker

            Anywhere in Brookline. Newton too I think.

        2. Hotel restaurants can be a good bet, since they are not always as busy (depends on the hotel).