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Feb 9, 2002 01:23 PM

Fried Clam Combo

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Met some friends for clams at Essex Seafood, my new fave, yesterday. On the way I stopped at the Agawam Diner in Rawley for slices of their creme pies to bring along for dessert. Both the fried clams and pie got high marks from my friends.

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    Heathen & spells

    Yay Agawam!! My wife & I have been devoted 'wam patrons since we were introduced to the place by a friend when we moved here in 85. We've allways maintained (and posted here) that their cream pies are the best we've ever found & their fried clams can hold their own with any on north shore. Try their Boiled Dinner (thurs special) and deep fried pork cutlets (ask for a pot of gravy on the side for the fries !!). Lots of other good stuff on menue, but stay away from (incredibly bland) Mac & Cheese & spagetti (though who would order spagetti in classic diner !!)

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      I hate to rain on the Agawam Diner parade, but I have had some of the worst food ever at this place.

      Probably the worst fried clams I have ever had were served here.

      I find that I have time to kill in the area frequently, but after 6-7 tries, I don't eat anywhere near here unless the Clam Box is open or unless I have time to go into Ipswitch.