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Feb 8, 2002 03:55 PM

Daedalus and others near Harvard Square

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Hi folks,

I live in NYC and I'm planning two dinners in March--both restaurants must be in walking distance of Harvard Square:

1. should be more informal, for about 10-15 people. Good Thai, Middle Eastern, etc.

2. for 25-30, I talked to Daedalus--they have a room downstairs that we could have...but is the food decent? Also might try Casablanca.

Any other suggestions welcome.



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    sugar the cat

    Have you read the comments on Casablanca on this board? I am not sure I be running over there with the hammering they are taking here.

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    1. re: sugar the cat
      Alexandra Hans

      Even though the food is pretty good, the atmosphere and ambience are depressed and depressing. Personally, I would not return, but if you do go there, I would suggest you bring some really lively friends with you.

      1. re: Alexandra Hans

        I would stray away from Daedalus; I've had a mixed experience and heard even worse from friends.

        -I've had numerous great meals at Casablanca, but Sandrine's is a really lovely restaurant with exquisite food. They also have a downstairs room that is really nice and quiet as well.

    2. Informal? Friendly? Delicious food? Amazing flavors?Good times? MIDDLE EASTERN?? Dude,you so have to go to ZuZu. It's maybe a twelve-minute walk from the square, and it's just great. When my college buddies and I feel we've done something worth celebrating, THIS is where we go. Check out this recent Boston Globe review - most of what I would say, it says. Enjoy!!


      1. h
        Heathen & Spells

        Chez Henri ( ~ 10 min walk up mass ave from the square towards porter sq. ) is french/cuban and very good. I've seen large parties served there so they might be able to handle the larger group. It's a little pricey for the samller ,less formal, dinner ($16-23 main dishes, $7-10 appetizers) unless you eat in bar (excellent inexpensive menue, really cool cuban drinks) but bar too small for 15-20. Call them & see what they can do, food is excellent & environment VERY cambridge.

        1. d
          David A. Gordon

          Okay, maybe I've had unusual experiences at these restaurants, however:

          Daedalus: I live across the street from it. I was ecstatic when it opened, as it seemed to promise good food and an exciting bar scene close by. The bar scene has met my expectations; the food, however, is dismal, and pricey. I never render a verdict on a restaurant after only one visit, and many acquaintances have spoken highly of Daedalus, so I gave the restaurant a second, third, and fourth try. The food was consistently not only unimpressive but just not good. The Portabello Napoleon was horrendous. A ravioli entree was tasteless, a steak was doused in some kind of cream sauce that completely overwhelmed it, and a chicken entree was dry and bland.

          Casablanca: I have had consistently wonderful meals there, and recently. I have dined there I think four times in the past couple of months, and each time thoroughly enjoyed myself (as did my guests). The quail appetizer and the venison entree are particularly memorable. I had a steak as an entree the last time I was there and it was delicious.


          1. s

            Inman Square is a bit of hike (like 20 mins) but since I live near there and walk to H Square practically every day, this does not seem such an obstacle. East Coast Grill will let you book the Lava Lounge room (cap. 29?) on Sun-Thurs nights, and the food is usually inventive and good, with a great, fun atmosphere. Mains in the low $20s?

            Sandrine, right in the Squarea, has a room downstairs, which might work for you. I haven't eaten there in ages, but I'm sure others can comment.

            And for what it's worth, my last meal (ca. two months ago) at Casablanca was fine (scallops, beautifully cooked).