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Feb 7, 2002 11:34 AM

Boston: Lunch and Dinner on a Sunday

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Will be in Boston for a weekend, prior commitments are made for all meals except Sunday. Through much internet surfing, here's where i've narrowed it down to:

Sun Lunch: Red Bones OR Skipjacks
Sun Dinner: Blue Room OR Giacomos

Please help me decide. Skipjacks could also be done for dinner on Sunday if necessary.

We like almost all types of food, but most importantly, GOOD food. I'll try almost anything if it is a "must do" in a given city.

I'm also partial to "best bang for your buck" type of places and nothing too fancy. Seeking value doesn't necessarily mean cheap... i'd rather spend $100 on dinner (than $50) if it's a memorable meal that i'll rave about for the next few months, but don't want to spend that much for a dinner that is only marginally better than the $50 place.

Ideally, i'd like to keep dinner ~$75 with one drink each, or a BYO place is fine too.

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  1. Of your choices:

    1) I find Redbones far better than Skipjacks. Skipjack's is a rather ordinary seafood restaurant with few redeeming characteristics. Redbones is a decent (and sometimes very good) barbecue joint with a STELLAR beer list, which would be a plus if you're into exploring interesting beers.

    2) I find Blue Room to be far better than Giacamo's. Giacmo's is a very ordinary Italian restuarnt with uninteresting food. Blue Room is a very good (sometimes great) New American restaurant which excels at, among aother things, Roast Chicken and a fabulous cheese plate (with just one cheese, which the chef hand-selects every three days from the best cheese shop ever).

    However, I would encourage you to consider some other options. While Blue Room is a top notch choice, Redbones is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's merely solid barbecue. You might benefit from poking around this board for finding an alternative to Redbones.

    Off the top of my head, one place that might combine the best of Skipjack's and Redbones, but improve considerably upon both is East Coast Grille. Although it may not be quite as good as it used to be, it's still an excellent place for oysters, barbecue, and interesting Southwestern-style Sunday lunch dishes.

    Other dinner options to consider strongly (all of which should be easy to find on the web):

    Oleana (interesting fusion of New American and turkish/north african/middle eastern)

    Franklin Cafe (like a SoHo bistro, but good)

    The Helmand (excellent and interesting Afghan food)

    Clio (in my mind, the best food in town -- really inventive, always delicious New American food - very pricey)

    Try the link below to read about these and other options . . .