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Feb 6, 2002 12:02 PM

St Petersburg Cafe in Brookline

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We had mentioned at last night's Chowdown at Addis Red Sea (report forthcoming from other Hounds), about possibly making Russia the next country to visit. I haven't been here, but have heard good things. Any thoughts?

St. Petersburg Cafe
236 Washington St.
Brookline, MA
617 277 7100
Brookline Village T stop on the green D line

Some links for info:


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  1. I have been there once. I thought the service was kind of inattentive, and chalked that up to the fact that we were the only non-Russian party there. And while I understand why that happens, it doesn't mean I like it.

    The space is very comfortable and small. Reservations are definitely essential.

    The menu had a lot of dishes I wasn't familiar with, so lots to explore. However I don't really remember much about the quality of the food due to the wonderful carafes of cranberry vodka...

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    1. re: Chris VR

      I had the exact opposite experience with service. we were the only non-russians there as well, and they gave us a lot of attention...almost too much, but it was fun anyway! the food is pretty authentic, quite on the heavy side, but certainly fun to try. don't miss the homemade flavored vodkas!!!

      1. re: ellie

        Wonderful place! Try getting an appetizer platter; that way, you get to try a number of different dishes (I found it too difficult to decide on any single entree)

    2. I made it once and completely agree that their vodkas are one of the best things going. Be careful cause they are deadly!

      The food was....well.. Russian. It is not Americanized, which is good since we were there to try Russian food, but bad because it contained a lot of flavors and textures that my palate wasnt sure what to do with. I went there for that experience, but it makes it hard to describe or even say if I liked it. I would go back, if only to keep exploring the menu more, so I guess that is an endorsement, right? It is just a very different, very heavy, very pickled, very jellied style of food than I am used to. GREAT experience and a great introduction to the cuisine. I found the staff very helpful in chosing dishes.

      I think it speaks well for the place that every Russian I know living in Boston loves it and goes there all the time.

      The place itself is very cute but can get crowded so if you go with the Chow group, book ahead of time. And warm up your liver - I'm not kidding about the vodkas.

      Prices are very reasonable.