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Feb 5, 2002 08:26 AM

Casablanca lately?

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Hi there,

Has anyone been to Casablanca in Harvard Sq. lately? I've been thinking of going there for Valentine's Day, but I'm having trouble finding anyone who's been recently. If you have, how was it?



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  1. I'd skip it, The food has really gone down in quality since they've switched chefs. Save it for drinks after dinner.

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    1. re: Dan White

      I went to Casablanca just before Christmas, and I wasn't very impressed. I had the appetizer-sized mixed grill of squid and octopus, and an iced tea. The seafood was skillfully grilled (nice char marks on tender flesh), but underseasoned. The one of the dipping sauces was unpleasantly acidic. The iced tea was bitter and disappointing.