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Feb 4, 2002 11:06 PM


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Please, why do so many great places have great bread and serve the basket with ice cold butter? I was just at Abe and Louis and once again, a great bread basket, with ice cold butter. Call me crazy, but i grew up with butter on the table and hard crusty does not spoil that quickly, so why do I need to wait a half hour to let it soffen and butter my bread----at the best places with the best bread??????????

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  1. Mm-hmm. Hate that. I expect it's just one detail too many for most of them. Hygiene requires that they keep it in the fridge most of the time, and no one troubles to see that it comes out to soften before being served.

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      hygiene has nothing to do with keeping the butter cold. fyi - hygiene is personal health
      the board of health is probably what you meant to say.

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      I like my bread served with cold butter - if i was served butter that was melting i would return it.

      1. This habit also makes my husband CRAZY! Yes, it's because of the health dept. If there is a candle on the table at your next dining experience, try resting he butter plate on it & it should soften your butter.