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Feb 1, 2002 07:25 PM

Salt - Your favorite

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While having a fantastic duck terrine recently (twice, in fact) at Sel de la Terre I found myself really digging the salt they used - so, Hounds, what is your favorite salt?

(I will find out from their chef what he used and post a follow up next week...)

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  1. Maldon Sea Salt with Echire butter on fresh corn on the cob in August, elevates an already sublime experience. One might try it on radish in early April as well.

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    1. re: Louise8

      I also love Maldon. You might also try Hand-harvested from ili de Re' which can be purchased at Williams Senoma...nothing like a great salt!

    2. In Hawaii they have this orange sea salt that is baked on orange clay. It takes on the color but also has this earthyness that really adds to whatever fish you are cooking.

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      1. re: just kev

        Ala'e is the salt you are writing about. It is my favorite for flavoring steaks, poke', fatty meats, and some fish dishes. It has a sweet component to it so may not be the best for all dishes, a sushi chef friend of mine really had a hard time tryingto us the package I gave to him....
        I use Hawaiian sea salt for many of my dishes, and kosher salt for the rest.
        Even though I live in SD I am able to stock up on these items when back in the islands, or at specialty stores in CA.

      2. Sea salt is great, but plain old kosher salt is my salt of choice.