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Feb 1, 2002 04:21 PM

Best Thai In Boston

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Jim Leff has written that Boston's Thai restaurants outshine New York's. What are some of the best Thai places in Boston these days? So far, Brown Sugar is my favorite Thai restaurant. The cluster of Thai places near Symphony Hall: Bangkok City, Bangkok Cusine, and Pan Thai are all pretty good.

What other Thai places would you guys recommend in Boston and district?

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  1. Dok Bua, which even has the crispy pork and broccoli that all those New Yorkers rave about at Sripraphai, (now, that might be worth that 8 hour round-trip, with a stop at DiFara's for a pizza on the way home ;) ) altho I have never tasted it cuz i don't do meat...I actually have great hope for the new place that opened in Coolidge Corner, Khao sarn Cuisine, based on the take-out menu I picked up last week...No whole fish, but an unusual list of soups, noodles, and appetizers, esp. a snack that I have read about, but never seen, called Miang Kum..It's a bunch of sweet and savory dried ing, rolled up in a Thai spinach leaf..people on the NY board who've been to Thailand seem to think it's the acid-test of authenticity, so of course, I've gottah try it...Anyone been yet? I've been too sick to try it!!

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      Thanks, gg. I might even try the Coolidge Corner place tonight.

      > It's a bunch of sweet and savory dried ing

      What's "ing"?

      1. re: Lindsay B.

        Sorry, ingredients...I was getting lazy!! But to make up for it "A variety of ingredients mixed separately, dried coconut, dried shrimp, roasted peanuts, ginger, red onion, chopped fresh chilki and lime. Wrapped together in a Thai Spinach leaf. A sweet syrup is served on the side".. have fun!! report back!!

        1. re: galleygirl

          Do you know Khao sarn Cuisine's address? I searched on Google and City Search, but it didn't show up.

          (I'd never tried City Search for Boston restaurants before, but I was impressed with the site.)

          1. re: Lindsay B.

            250 Harvard St..617-566-7200... It's THAT new...It's the space where Pandan Leaf used to be..and Zuzux...

            1. re: Lindsay B.

     (a great search tool) has one listed
              at 250 Harvard St. Brookline 617-566-7200. Enjoy.

      2. If any of you venture down to the S.Shore -try Siam Cuisine in Hanover (Rt 53) -excellent food - I have been going there for over 6 years once a week and I have never been disappointed.

        1. try Montien in the theatre district. . . great people, great place, pad thai, red curry apps...just try it

          1. Hands down, so far, my favorite Thai restaurant is Bangkok City on Mass Avenue. While everything I've had off their regular menu has been great, make sure to ask for their "other" Thai specialty menu. Their glass noodle salad (Yam Woon Sen?)is delcious -- fresh and tangy with lots of cilantro, chili, and lime juice.

            1. In the west 'burbs, try Jamjuli, in Newton, off rte 9 just before the turn to where cantin' Abruzzi used to be.
              Pad Thai to die for!