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Jan 31, 2002 12:58 PM

Harvard Sq. Ma Soba Eulogy

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I wouldn't have thought I'd feel this way, but it's been a few months since the Harvard Sq. branch of Ma Soba closed down, and I find myself missing it when trawling for cheap eats in the neighborhood. By and large I thought that it served crappy, bastardized versions of Asian noodles (the Pad Thai bordered on tasteless), but for some reason I *could not* get enough of their Singapore Curry Noodles. Now I have to haul myself up to the Porter Square Mall to satisfy my Asian noodle cravings when in Cambridge.

Goodbye Ma Soba. You (or your curry noodles, anyway) will be missed.

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  1. Hmm, this is funny. When I heard that they were closing, I absolutely rejoiced. I have been there twice, and left both times with almost hostile feelings about the place -- I felt cheated by their quantity-over-quality approach, and the chilly, sterile, impersonal environment. It was astoundingly over-priced for what it was -- the portions were huge but absolutely flavorless --- while a wonderful bowl of pho at Pho Pasteur across the street cost about the same, and was infinitely fresher and more flavorful. It seemed to me to be a failed experiment at creating pan-Asian fast food in the Au Bon Pain mold, a cynical "hungry students will eat anything" business play. I take it as a reassuring sign about the state of food in Cambridge that Ma Soba has gone under, while some great cheap-eats spots with real personality still remain (Bartley's, Campo de Fiori...)

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      Seth Ditchik

      Point taken, but man I miss those curry noodles.