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Jan 30, 2002 04:28 PM

reasonable & pleasant dinner in Allston/Brighton-Brookline

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Four women friends like to gather in the Brookline-Brighton /Allston area for a week night, pleasant but not too pricey dinner, in a conversational venue.

All suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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    You can't go wrong with Brown Sugar, a Thai restaurant on Mass Ave near babcock Street, or Cafe Brazil on Brighton Ave. Cafe Brazil is one of my favorites.

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    1. re: stewartflamingo

      Brown Sugar is on Comm. Ave, not Mass Ave. And Cafe Brazil is on Cambridge St.

      1. re: Andy T.

        I can understand getting the location of Cafe brazil wrong, because I always get turned around on that corner, but I guess I'm going to have to plead stupidity on typing "Mass Ave" when I obviously meant "Comm Ave." Mea culpa, etc.

    2. Atara around 1400 Comm Ave. would fit the bill. It tends to be overlooked but it's got pretty good new American food and interesting wines. It's definitely a good spot for conversation. I've heard the tapas place on Comm. by Washington St. is good too but haven't been. The Washington St. Tavern by Beacon and Washington is good too, a bit more of a hangout. And Duckworth Lane in that area is okay.

      1. There is a wonderful small Italian rest. in Allston called Carlos Cucina Trattoria. I believe it is on the same street as the Sunset Grill, but on the opposite side.

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          Yes that's Brighton Ave. right next to Pho Pasteur. There is also a small Italian (Tuscan) rest. on Babcock St. corner of Harvard in Coolidge Corner, Firenze. I've enjoyed it especially the pasta. It is small and intimate but does not get much mention here.

        2. Here are my favorites:

          1.) Washington Square Tavern: Sure, it can be a bit crowded on Fri. & Saturday nights for the great, smoke-free bar...but the food is worth it. They change the menu seasonally, the service is great and it's always good.

          2.) Tasca: This is the tapas place someone else referred to...Washington St./Comm. Ave. Great tapas and a bit cheaper than Taberno De Haro on Beacon St. Pitchers of sangria and garlic shrimp or chorizo? How can you go wrong?

          3.) Audubon Circle: I put this grudgingly on my list. The service usually sucks but their burgers are terrific...They make their own ketchup and have chipolte mayo. A good bar/restaurant.

          4.) Atara: Always have really good food when I remember to go...Usually it's pretty empty, though. I like to eat at places that are a bit more lively. But it's delicious food and you know they'll at least pay attention to you.

          Good luck!

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          1. re: jboas

            Atara: Where is it? What kind of food? Love the other suggestions myself, so I want to try this one.

            1. re: Carrot

              Atara is located where Uva used to be. On Commonwealth Ave. about a 1/4 a mile from Packard's Corner (heading towards Harvard Ave.) on the left. One side is a wine bar and the other is a dining room...Food is definitely good...You should check it out. They just added a jazz brunch, too.