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Jan 30, 2002 03:38 PM

beef suet

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Does anyone know where I can get beef suet? (preferably Atara brand?) I want to make a mincemeat pie but can't find it. I tried Bread and Circus on Prospect St., the Harvest Co-op, and Evergood on Mass Ave. in Cambridge.

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  1. You might try John Dewar (butcher to the stars) in Newton Center, and/or Savenor's in Beacon Hill, which has a weirdly extensive meat department (they've got 'gator and bear meat, they MUST have suet, no?). There are also some regular butcher shops in the North End, on Salem Street, but they always look more pork-oriented to me.

    Both Dewar and Savenor's would probably be willing to order it if they didn't have it in stock.

    1. Did you try the Star market on Comm Ave? I mean, they have OSTRICH, they must have suet!!

      1. Just saw some tonight in my local Stop & Shop (No. Beverly), so chances are that one near you will have it too.

        1. I saw beef suet at Bread and Circus on Westland Street, just off Mass Ave, near Symphony hall. It's in the freezer directly across from the meat counter, on the bottom right shelf.

          1. THANKS everyone.
            I called Savenor's yesterday - they said they had it - so I shlepped there - and they did NOT have it.
            Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone else who had it in my area so I will be shlepping to Savenor's again today - the butcher assures me he has it now.
            I'm using it to make mincemeat pie - does anyone have a favorite recipe? The one I've got uses beef suet but no other meat, but I've seen some w/chunks of beef in them.