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Jan 28, 2002 09:24 PM

Saigon [Vietnamese in Allston] What's the word?

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What's the word on this?
Anyone been there?

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  1. I was there in the fall, it was good. Not that I'm an expert on Vietnamese food. But my friend liked the crab soup and I had a good tofu/veg/noodle dish. The fried tofu appetizer wasn't that great, a little heavy on the frying. But for only about $14 total, you can't go too wrong. And the room had a more pleasant atmosphere than most V. places. No alcohol if that matters to you.

    1. Been going to Saigon for years, although not for a couple of months. I usually go when I am not in the mood to park in Chinatown and I want a relaxed little dinner with flavor...Owners are really wonderful and warm-always feels like they are genuinely happy to have you, best bet is Traditional Vietnamese Chicken soup, like most phos but their version is special, just needs hot sauce that is on side. The Vietnamese salad is tart and a nice complement to most things on menu. Entrees are not large but are treated with care. I like the tofu dishes such as the one with lemongrass. Very reasonably priced--always a pleasant trip.

      1. They concentrate a lot more on Chinese-influenced, stir-fry dishes than a lot of Vietnamese places...They don't have bun, or a lot of steamed rice-noodle based things...I used to go a lot; they used to be BYOB, which was nice, because they're a more leisurely experience that many Viet. places, but then they decided they wanted to get a beer/wine license, so they banned BYOB...But they never got the license, so it makes the atmosphere a little less special...I haven't been in a couple years or so.. I remember it as being very user- friendly to the Vietnamese experience.