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Jan 28, 2002 04:37 PM

Chinese New Year? Sun or Tues?

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While we were planning Ethiopian food,(see thread below if you wannah go!) Chuck S expressed interest in Dim Sum, and 9lives wanted to do a Chinese New Year thing on Tues....What's the interest in doing Dim Sum on Sunday, when Ctown will probably be celebrating, or a dinner on Tues, when Ctown will still be celebrating? Both times are sure to be crazed, but HEY, that's the point!!

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  1. As a related question, what is the best way for a hound to celebrate the New Year? Just head into Chinatown? I know this is naive, but are there places particularly known for special dishes, etc., or is it just a generally raucous time?

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      There is a parade, and lion dancers, probably on Sunday....I've actually only been in NY, where lion dancers came thru every dim sum place!! Judging by the aftermath on the streets, TONS of firecrackers!! For me, it's just an excuse to eat more Chinese food, but there are traditional foods whose look, or similarity in pronunciation symbolizes wealth, health and happiness for the coming year. Melanie Wong describes some of the traditional foods in the link below, from the SF Board.


    2. You know... I never celebrated Chinese New Year all these time I was in this country?

      What's the new year celebration here like? =)

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      1. re: Ben

        Lots of people..lots of fireworks..I'd be up for a Chinatown dinner on Feb 12.