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Jan 27, 2002 08:12 PM

great anything in Revere?

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We're going to be staying at a hotel in Revere prior to a Logan flight, and would appreciate a recommendation for dinner. Anything that would please the hounds will do. Thanks!

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  1. I'm compelled to note that you can get from your Revere hotel to virtually anywhere in Boston for a $10 cab ride. The transit system is even cheaper. We're talking minutes away.

    Gee! Don't limit yourself to Revere when all of Boston (and for that matter, Cambridge, is so close).

    Not that Revere is a total wasteland. But, almost.

    1. I've been curious about this Cambodian place in Revere that was mentioned a little while ago (see link). Since I no longer live in Boston, I'm trying to figure out when I'll get there next. In the meantime, if anyone has been, please post a review. Cheers.


      1. Lest I be untrue to the locals, Kelly's Roast Beef is a landmark. I think its open 24 /7. It fills the requirement for fried beach food, with interesting scenery. The french fries are good, but I refuse to eat anything else...(Vegetarian) My friends rave about the fish plate, that is served with frenchfries and onionrings. If its warm enough, you can actually eat your meal on the beach, and share leftovers with the seagulls that are larger, and more agressive than the average household pet.

        1. Billy Tse's on Revere Street has a pan Asian menu and they deliver. They have all the classic chinese food menu stuff and do it as well as anyone. They also have many interesting menu items and we have always been happy with our choices. Our last order included a twice cooked pork that was slices of pork and cabbage in a garlicy brown sauce, and Thai basil beef in a tomato sauce that was a little too sweet but good. The crispy duck is very well done, crispy and not fatty.

          Kelly's is classic Revere Beach experience. The fish plates and lobster rolls are great and the hot dogs and cheeseburgers come on a grilled roll. See the prior posts for a discussion of the roast beef, etc.

          It is true that much better food can be found by going to Boston, or for that matter, just over the border to the New Bridge in Chelsea. (See prior posts) It is also true that Revere has a lot to offer. Broadway has delicious italian bakeries, Dimino's has a steak bomb with a layer of salami (I've never seen this outside of Revere!)or a wonderful steak and cheese sub for the more timid like myself, and there are many casual Italian Restaurants and pizza joints. It's more of a cheap eats destination that a classy dinner kind of place.

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            I'll second Billy Tse's. Billy use to be the manager over at Weylu's before they imploded. The food is fresh, well cooked, and not over sauced. Hopefully it's cleaner than Weylus (which was cited for being the filthiest restaurant in Boston).

            Just remember to take the Trans Am when you head over there, and make sure that your girlfriend has "big hair". It is Revere after all.

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            robert belson

            Either By The Sea or Floating Rock on Shirley St. are great Cambodian joints. One is closed Tuesdays, one closed Wed. don't remember which. I stand by my previous post, linked to in another in this thread, plus I've since been to Floating Rock which was just dandy.