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Jan 27, 2002 03:14 AM

Late evening quick meal near Downtown Doubletree

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We're taking Amtrak from Chicago to Boston in early April. Due to arrive in around 7, I'm assured 11pm wouldn't be a surprise. If they haven't fed us, we'll need a meal. We'll take a taxi to the Doubletree at 821 Washington Street, check our bags and then go out.
We'd like a place within walking distance, fast and inexpensive, doesn't have to be fancy, just fill our stomaches. Any suggestions?



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  1. You're in a good spot if you like Asian cuisine. Chinatown is steps away from you with many great places. There's also Jacob Wirth (German/American) and Brew Moon (Microbrew/American) on Stuart.

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      Just an FYI...Brew Moon on Stuart St. has closed. They're renovating and will reopen (not sure when) as Rock Bottom Brewery.