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Jan 25, 2002 02:13 PM

Chowhound ID Crisis!!! Two Hughs!!!

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Due to cosmic forces and the randomness of melted cheese patterns on Ray's Famous, I have undergone a name change at the request of the Chief Chowhound. Seems like there was the 1st, the Original, The Only "Hugh DeMann" long before I arrived on the chowdog scene and there was some confusion. So to avoid being beaten with a chopstick, I have changed my name to something as unique and memorable and my former hound monkier. My sincere apologies to the Original Hugh DeMann and any posters who may have been confused as to who eggsackly was dishing up spicy comments. Peas to you all!

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  1. So you didn't go with my choice, "Hugh DeMann Mellencamp", huh?

    No beating (via chopsticks or other implements), though; as you know, PP, I was pretty abashed at having to request this switcheroo on this. People don't collide on nametags all that often and I felt badly about the whole thing.


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      Peter Pancetta

      Ya right, you suggested Hugh DeManchurian. I gave up politics for food.