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Jan 23, 2002 03:59 PM

Restaurants on Rt. 1

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I am meeting a friend for dinner this weekend - she lives in Newburyport and I'm in Boston. We are trying to meet somewhere on Route 1 - Saugus area. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good restaurant? I know the Naked Fish is there, but it's a little more pricey than we were hoping for.

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  1. That Naked Fish is not reliable, so I don't think you will miss anything. Something must be cursed at that location, because I also had a series of bad restaurant experiences at the Pizzeria Uno's that preceded it....

    Have you ever tried Out of Asia, further south on Route 1 (just south of Essex St, on the northbound side)? Reasonably solid pan-Asian (with a little Indochine French fusion). Moderately priced.

    The real winner in Saugus (albeit a little pricier) is Nico's Pasta and Panini (they have a nice website), a fine modern Italian bistro just a block off Cliftondale Square, which you can reach by driving a mile or so east along Essex St.

    1. The Daily Catch has just opened up a branch on Rte. 1 North in Saugus. Here's a link to my recent post about it:


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        Had dinner here w my husband b/c of the glowing reviews and I must was the worst dinner out we've had in YEARS. Even my husband who never complains was disatisfied. Had a calamari dish presented in this brown guck and all I could taste was vinegar. The calamari was very tough. He had a seafood stew touted to include lobster (there was none) in a broth w absolutely NO taste. They have no liquor liscence and charge $5 to open your bottle of wine, $1 to open a beer...please! The atmosphere was cafeteria but they had bistro prices. The service was slow and apathetic. And to top it off we could watch the so called chef in the open kitchen prancing around like he was gods gift to the food world. Watched him disrespectfully throw a fish steak back on the grill after a customer complained it was raw. Will NEVER go back. Boy I hate wasting a meal.

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          Gee, I'm sorry if my review led to a bad experience. Very much the opposite of ours. Perhaps I should have warned you not to look for ambiance at the Daily Catch. As for the rest, they haven't been open long, so maybe they're just working out the kinks -- though I'm surprised to hear that they served you tough calamari. The apparent attitude problem doesn't bode well either, but there was no evidence of that on our visit. The woman who served us couldn't have been nicer, and the kitchen appeared very businesslike. I'll be giving them a second chance.

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            Not to worry. An occasional disappointing dinner out is par for the course for us chowhounds. Just another reason to sniff out the next hidden treasure.
            Bon Apetit' my friend.

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              Bon Apetit to you too. Better luck next time.

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        robert belson

        I live in Newbury and meet Boston friends all the time half way. Slim pickings, to be sure, however I've had good meals (to my surprise) at Chevy's on Rt1 S. If you like Tex-Mex, you could do worse. A little more toward the Newburyport side is Pontevecchio in Topsfield, right off Exit 50 on Rt. 95. They have a trattoria and a more upscale side, but I've only gone to the cheaper one. Good pastas, a decent Caesar Salad, this is my wife's favorite half-way spot. The plus here is no dealing with Rt. 1 traffic trying to leave the restaurant parking lot, and you won't have to double back to get in the right direction.

        1. I heard the Miso Grill is supposed to be great.