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Jan 22, 2002 09:54 PM

Dining with graduate students

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I will be in Boston with about 14 graduate students in a few weeks. I would like to take them to cool, but not too expensive, chowhound place in Boston. Although we will be staying near the Convention Center, we will be happy to travel out of that area (via subway?). Any suggestions? Also, it will be on a Friday night. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Because of expense, the usual Boylston places (Vox, Barcode etc.) are probably out of your range. Maybe Dixie Kitchen on Mass Ave. or Betty's Wok and Noodle Diner on Huntington will better suit. Both are fun places with good, cheap food and close enough to walk from Convention Center area. Good luck!

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      The only problem with Dixie is if you want to have some drinks, you can't do it there. But it is reasonably priced. Bukowski's is cheap and fun (good burgers and tons of choices for beer) but not conducive to talking and hard to accommodate a large group. The Sam Adams brewhouse isn't too expensive. And there's the Blue Note Cafe (quite a bar scene) and that newish Island Hopper place on Mass Ave., both could fit the bill.

      1. re: Joanie

        I'd recommend either of the two Thai restaurants on Mass Ave near Symphony Hall. Bangkok Cuisine and the other one across the street from Dixie Kitchen. I forget what the second one is called. BK is the more expensive of the two, entrees cost about $12-$15 dollars. The other Thai place charges between $7-13 for entrees. The Pad Thai is much better at the cheaper place, and you can gorge yourself on it for $6.75.

        1. re: Lindsay B.

          FYI, The Dixie Kitchen ha been closed for a couple of months now. Bankok Cuisine is the better of the two Thai places (the place with the purple awning) and they do have a non-western menu you can request with some terrific dishes not on the regular menu. I'll second a vote for Betty's which is fun