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Jan 22, 2002 07:43 PM

Fish Tacos

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I know there was a whole Mexican food string, but does anyone have a good fish tacos joint?

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  1. El Pelon over by Fenway on peterborough Street has some of the best fish tacos I've ever had. i think they use shark, but I'm not sure. Tasty and spicy and zesty with pickled red cabbage and limed cucumber along with all of the other acoutrements. Some have bad mouthed El Pelon before but I stand by the fact that it is one of the best authentic LA style taquerias around...

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      After the great burrito-debate thread last summer, I've been meaning to go to El Pelon. The time was right tonight. (hunger, lack of funds, no Red Sox game)
      Even tho I SHOULD have ordered the fish tacos (in the interests of science!!) I was craving a burrito. I had the fish burrito, the SO had the chicken burrito, and we got fried plantains. We also got a side order of the pickled cabbage they put on their fish tacos, so I would have some insight onto the fish taco question....

      We loved it!! First of all, we both hate gloppy burritos, and his, despite the fact that he had sour cream and guac on it, wasn't. Their black beans are definitely cooked in-house, so there is none of that black bean slop that black beans often become. They were not, however, leaden..I would descibe them as al dente...His chicken was well-seasoned and braised, tastable THRU the SC and guac...What seemed to make it a very good burrito was that each item had been individually seasoned, then assembled. The results were light, but not that "too-healthy, too-boring" flavor a non-greasy burrito often has. The same for my fish burrito..vaguely Carribean seasonings on the fish, grilled, not deep-fried, and a lot of it..It didn't feel like a starchy excuse for a meal, more like fish with a side of beans and well-seasoned rice, wrapped in a tortilla...I could taste each component, as opposed to wading thru a mass of overcooked beans that wilted the lettuce, etc...

      We tried the pickled cabbage, because that's what's on the fish taco, along with the same spicey fish...Winner!!! I went back for more...No oil, lots of bite, and lots of cumin!! Our plaintains were a nice treat; hot enought to burn our mouths, lots of kosher salt and limes..A slightly sweet, roasted pepper salsa was served with them; it had hints of some fruit in it that I couldn't identify...I couldn't seem to talk the information out of the chef (?)..I tried!! Either there was a language barrier, or he thought we were spies!!
      You'll have to go try for yourselves!!!

      1. re: galleygirl

        glad you enjoyed your burritos-
        just so everyone knows-
        we use an icelandic cod for both our fish burrito and our fish tacos-we then take the fish and dredge it in maseca (corn flour) that is mixed with 6 herbs and spices ( there have been a couple of requests for us to package and sell our secrest fish dredge so you may see it in the future) the cod is then lighty fried-
        I know they do it in mexico, but putting cheese and fish together seems like a strange combination to me- so instead you with find an arbol chile mayonaise on both the burrito and taco-our substitute for west coast "white sauce"-

        and a note to galleygirl- there are no real secrets here with the plantains you had our fire roasted salsa- the name refers to the cooking process and not the heat level as many beleive- it does not contain any fruit although there are approximately 15 ingredients in there - the majority of which are tomatoes, onions, jalepenoes and poblano peppers
        - next time you are in just ask I would be happy to share


        1. re: galleygirl

          In my short time in Boston, I have probably been to El Pelon over fifty times. (It's very nearby.) I noticed that after the female chef owner left last year (I forgot her name), the quality slumped for a short time but now seems to have recovered. The beauty of El Pelon is that there are no stinkers on the menu. Even something as simple as their quesadilla is exceptional. While it may or may not be at the zenith of "authenticity" (who cares!!!), it sure tastes damn good.

          When I first started going they used shark but now, as the man says, it's cod. Pleasantly appropriate for Beantown.

      2. Also, here's a link to an earlier discussion this summer: