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I just moved to Boston and would like a REAL doughnut. Dunkin and Honeydew are terrible. Suggestions in the Boston, Brookline and Cambridge areas are greatly appreciated

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  1. Try Verna's doughnuts on Mass Ave. in North Cambridge for the real thing. get there early, not open on Sundays. Also there is one mentioned in this weeks Phoenix in Charlestown but I haven't been there and don't remember the name.

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      That was Lori Ann's which someone mentioned earlier. Plus did anyone see Chronicle on Thurs. (I think) about donuts? I missed it.

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        Allie's Donuts
        3661 Quaker Lane (Route 2)
        North Kingstown, RI
        (401) 295-8036

        Mike's Donuts
        Route 99/ Everett
        (617) 389-9415

        Donut Cologne
        1 (800) 326-8401

        Desana Fragrances
        211 Newbury St. / Boston
        (617) 556-0077

        Atara Restaurant (serves donuts on dessert menu)
        Commonwealth Ave. / Brighton
        (617) 566-5670

        The Howard Yezerski Gallery (represents donut painter Emily Evelth)
        14 Newbury St./ Boston
        (617) 262-0550

        Closest Krispy Kreme Franchises to Boston:
        New York City (Stores in the United Nations and in Grand Central Station)

    2. Hi,

      I know that Needham is a bit far from the areas that you mention, but there are 2 "real" doughnut shops in that town that offer delicious, substantial, old fashioned doughnuts. One is Superior Donuts at 260 Chestnut St., the other is Donut Junction at 35 Chapel St., both worth a trip out to that western suburb just beyond Newton. By the way, the earlier in the day you stop by, the better your chance of being able to choose from their varied selections.


      1. The best is a little farther than you might like: Kane's in Saugus (take the Essex St. exit off US 1 North, go through the rotary in Cliftondale Square and continue on Lincoln Ave for a couple of miles; you won't be able to miss the donut with the arrow through it).

        A friend of mine, who worked for Dunkin for many years and tasted many samples of competition over the years, even admitted this were the best she ever had. The jelly donuts are a particular gem.

        Closer to you, the Lori Ann on Bunker Hill St in Charlestown has the highest reputation in the city center.

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          Three cheers for Kane's!

          Based on Karl's recommendation, and since I only live a few miles away, I searched out Kane's and was very impressed.

          I had a jelly doughnut, which was very good, especially the real jelly filling. But the real winner was the glazed marble cake doughnut. Mmmmmmm! The texture was perfect, crunchy on the outside, soft and cinnammony on the inside, with a fabulous glazed coating. There wasn't much chocolate to the marble, which was fine by me, I had just wanted a plain glazed cake doughnut anyway.

          This is the real thing, folks. Definitely not a DD clone. I'm bringing a friend tomorrow to explore more of their repertoire, and hopefully catch them warm and fresh in the morning.

          (BTW, I was disappointed by Daddy's Donuts in Wakefield. Jelly doughnuts seemed straight out of the Dunkin Donut box. The blueberry cake doughnut was also just like Dunkin's, although was fresher.)

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            Glad my recommendation proved worthy for you! This place is a gem! And the counter ladies are pros. Nice people.

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              Just wanted to add to the Kanes posts. I moved to Saugus a few years ago and someone recomended them. We are now hooked. They start cooking at 2:30 am and by 4:30 some mornings the place is already packed. The ladies behind the counter are real pros. On Sunday mornings I have seen the line 50 deep and they plow through in no time. They are family owned and are closed Mondays and holidays. The best Jelly donut.They are located on Lincoln Ave you can't miss their sign if it's lit it's an old neon with a flashing arrow.

        2. Hi

          Mike's Donuts on Route 99 (Broadway)in Everett mass, you will be back for more!!!!! THE BEST IN MY BOOK.

          1. When I lived around Davis Square (Somerville) a few years ago, I used to ride down the bike path extension behind the Osco's Drugs to Russell's Donuts just off Morrison Street, which is a donut factory that distributes to local shops and delis. If you see an open door to the factory, ask someone if you can buy some donuts. The first time I peeked in there, I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as there were conveyors and machines whisking donuts around. Many times (though not all) they would sell me warm donuts straight from the cooling racks for $.25 a piece. They're not the greatest donuts, but like Krispy Kreme's gimmick, a fresh warm donut is good just about anywhere.

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              Heathen & Spells

              I have read all the earlier postings in reply to your query and I am amazed that no one (including Chronicle!!) has mentioned The Betty Ann Food store out past the airport in east boston. This place is unbelievable !!! ( see earler posting " Best jelly Donuts" from last oct. ). Been there since 1931, we learned about it from a north shore machinist/fishermann whose family has been in area for generations. The jelly donuts are simply the BEST we've ever (EVER!!!!) tasted, very homade seeming and unique (see earler posting for longer, rapsodic description). The palce is easy to miss, does not look like a bakery at all, just a little storefront. Only open mornings until 10:00, and on weekends the line of locals (and others in the know) gets way long. Address is 565 Bennington st. ABSOLUTELY worth checking out. I also second recomendations for Mikes ( more similar to DD's in style, but much better quality ) And Lori Ann's in Charlestown, but Betty Ann's is in a class of it's own !!!

              1. I checked out Mike's in Everett over the weekend. What atmosphere! A classic Donut dive -- shares its parking lot w/a gas station, it has a drive-through window, but the characters eating there on a Saturday morning were really a piece of work. Real old-school Boston.

                We ordered 6 donuts between the two of us and had a taste test... disappointingly, even though we specifically chose the freshest of the donut batches available, none were hot or even warm, and none had that really fresh taste I look for in a donut. Most of the donuts were simply average. No old-fashioneds, either. The one donut that I thought was exceptional was an apple donut with lots of oozy pie filling in the middle. The honey bun was also pretty good.

                But, I'm still on the lookout for the best, freshest donut. I will try Betty Ann's and Lori Ann's next...

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                  I've always been very happy with Twin Donuts in Union Square, Allston -- so much so that I forgive them misspelling their name.

                  1. Has anyone tried Lindas on Belmont Street in Watertown (down the street from Shore Drug)? I haven't had one of their donuts in at least 15 years, but they were once awesome.

                    I'm still trying to figure out the Krispy Kreme thing. I realize that you can buy them hot out of the oil, but I found them WAY too sweet. The waterfall of glaze totally overpowers the taste of the donut, so that all you taste is sugar.