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Jan 20, 2002 03:16 PM

Dim Sum planning

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Hello to the Bostonians, proper and improper. I just wish to let you know that work has changed for me and for the forseeable future I will not be in Boston. So the plan to wait for my appearance for group dim sum would be unnecessarily depriving yourselves. Bon apetite.

I am still be reading lots of your posts since I spent enough time in Boston last year it was nearly a second home. Yesterday I had dim sum here in Queens NY and I could not help but think that they did not have the variety I saw and tasted at Pearl there in Boston Chinatown. I think I obsess on Pearl since I only went there once and I went the Chau Chau 3 times for dim sum. You know, perhaps it is ye olde: the grass is always greener. But good as everything is at Chau Chau it did seem to me that Pearl had a bigger range. Or perhaps it was just timing. At Chau Chau I was always there 1pm or later. The one time I went to Pearl I was there about 11:30am.

Healthy and properous new year to all.


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  1. "Healthy and properous new year to all."

    Same to you, Wray. Sorry you won't be meeting up with us. As regards Queens dim sum, meet me on the Outer Boroughs board...